About the Journal

Journal description (JODMAS)

Journal of Design, Management and Sciences is one of premier Peer Review journal which is designed to provide the platform for all researchers dealing in all aspects of design, sciences, engineering, economics and management around the globe catering specific needs of industry and cross linking the researchers with the solution orientation. The Journal will publish 1 edition in a year. Journal will also add editorials of renowned Experts from the field of Design, Textiles, Fashion, Industry, Academia etc.

The Journal shall serve all the authors and subscribers across the globe and shall be taking premier responsibility of selection of contributors purely on the basis of merit, novelty and originality.

Aims and Scope:

The journal publishes impactful research that shapes the discipline. It ensures that readers enhance their understanding of issues affecting their domains, through the latest research evidence and current best practices.

(JODMAS) publish articles in the following domains:

• Design (Fashion, Textile, Jewelry, Furniture, Interior)

• Management( Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Product Development, Marketing, Quality management tools, Supply Chain, Merchandizing , Retailing )

• Sciences (All Engineering disciplines, Technologies, Materials and Polymers)

Note: All reviewers and editorial members are serving JODMAS as volunteers.